Community Stats are back!

Hello developers!

I’ve just added the statistics back to the Community site — sorry for the delay! If you visit you can see your account stats.

What’s New

  • Ability to see view stats for individual addons
  • Ability to see “this month” or “this week” views
  • Review totals for all addons
  • Lists recent reviews
  • Lists recent likes

I have more planned for the stats page (such as being able to compare date ranges), but wanted to get this first revision online for you today.

If you’re not subscribed, here’s a preview of what you’d see if you were.

Any questions or comments, please let me know :slight_smile:


That’s a huge improvement, Ben.
Great job!

I’ve just visited our Stats page and I see a couple of issues.

  • In Addons Views chart, all addons have the same color (grey).
  • Promotion Impressions chart is empty.
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thanks Rob, I’ll look in to those issues — I’m guessing you’re using Chrome?

Yes. I confirm the problem is in Chrome only. Safari is ok.

Looking good. Not seeing any problems here yet. I am in Safari and it is working well. :+1:

@ben Along with the new stats page, the addons pages in the admin area are looking really nice, too. Just wanted to give you a :thumbsup:!

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