'Compare' stack in Accordion stacks

Was hoping to put some Doobox ‘Compare’ stacks in an 'Ivy2 'accordion, but when I do, only one image shows in the Compare stack - so nothing to compare.

Have also tried in Foundation Accordion stack - same

In both cases, the compare stack works if the accordion if ‘open’ by default but not otherwsie

Thats funny - I just posted in Elixirs forum the same issue. It seems it can not work in accordions. Also Stacks4stack’s ImageCompare does not work, either.

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did you get a solution? Thanks

Sadly no…

What about Limelight? You could get it to look like a Tab setup, but you shouldn’t have any of the same issues, I don’t think…

On this occasion i really need an accordion layout rather than tabs - not look at limelight but if it does accordian would be of real interest

Ah right, I don’t know why I defaulted to Tabs when you said accordion. It might be worth asking on the RW4All forum (if you’re a user there) if Limelight could be tricked into looking like an accordion. Wouldn’t put it past Andrew…

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It won’t work because the Compare content is ‘hidden’ inside the accordion. It needs to be visible when the tab is first opened I think and because part of it is hidden, it won’t display properly. That’s my understanding.


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