Tab2 stack by Doobox

Hi there,

We just released our latest stack built exclusively for the Stacks 3 plugin. “Tab2”.

Tab2 builds on the hugely popular Tab stack, to bring it bang up to date, and utilise the great new features of the Stacks 3 plugin.

Completely new edit mode user interface and workflow.
New streamlined settings.
Support for Font Awesome in tab titles.
Re-arrangable content at any time.

Check out the new demo to see this great new version in action here.

PS: Our Twitter followers just got a great discount code for a 50% launch discount.
You can grab that code by following @doobox here

Kind regards
Gary Simpson
Doobox Software

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Very functional stack. Instant buy and a steal at 50% off!

This is a fantastic stack. The design and ease of use is out of this world.
Instant purchase!

Me too. Leverages very nicely Stacks 3 functionality :smile:

Totally. I absolutely love the way additional content is added by just clicking the ‘+’ no need to drag and drop anything else, it all just works inside the stack itself thanks to S3 API improvements.

The speed and workflow improvements are fantastic and I really like that there are no superfluous settings. Definitely the best Tab/Accordian stack I’ve seen.

hi there
I’m using your stack tab2 with pleasure in foundation theme in combination with another stack by doobox, the compare-stack. But now I have a problem. doesn’t function in the second, the third tab, only in the first one. This first one is signed as , the others as . Is there a possibility to have all this tabs or better the containing stacks active?
thanks for your answers

The Tab stack is not the real culprit here. What you are seeing is the inability of some stacks to function as expected when they are initially hidden at page load time.

Some stack (almost always image based) need to calculate the size of the image or images they contain when the page loads, before you see anything appear in the page. They do this using javascript. The problem is, that javascript is unable to return the size of an image if that image is or is inside any element that has a display property of hidden (as in the case of a hidden tab). When the function returns, it returns 0, instead of the image dimension.

There is also no way of detecting when an element becomes visible, no “hey I just became visible event”, so no way to re-run the code that normally works as expected at page load time, when the element eventually becomes visible.

In short. There is no way around this at the moment. But the web and the api’s we use are constantly evolving. One day we may get access to a “hey I just became visible event”, and then we can remove this limitation in all stacks.

ok. thanks for the detailed answer! Let’s see when we get further…