Compass - different behaviour with text / Image Navigation

  1. Compass with text (Prev and Next):
    Why aren’t the two entries on the same baseline? Next is always 1 line lower than Prev.

  2. Compass with Image Navigation:
    • Image Navigation doesn’t allow a rotation of my three test pages, whereas text does flip through all three pages in any direction again and again. Why is the behaviour different?
    • Image Navigation skips the left arrow on the first page, but doesn’t skip the right arrow on the last page, although it doesn’t function in that direction anyway, as described above. Why is that?

(The depicted pages are in order 1-2-3 with their respective previews)

@gabor You are asking a lot of Compass stack questions. That’s fine but I’m not sure how many folks use it. It may be more useful to ask some of these questions at Joe’s main discussion area. I’m also tagging @joeworkman so he spots this (and the other) Compass stack questions.

Good luck with finding solutions to your questions. It’s still early on the West Coast so Joe may not be able to get to your questions for a few hours still.

Hi Mathew, thank you for your advice! Where can I find Joe’s main discussion area?


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Ah, thank you. I know Weavers.Space! Didn’t open in Safari. Got it in Firefox. But when I logged in, the page seemed to load very slowly, no content visible. Maybe a server problem?

@gabor That’s odd. Definitely opens in Safari for me.

Let’s pick this thread to focus all of your Compass questions. I do not see a URL to look at.

It looks like you have 2 Compass stacks on the page. that is why you have 2.

It looks like you are using Foundation. One key that Compass needs is the RW menu structure. Make sure that you have an RW menu stack on the page. You can set it to be hidden. Compass needs that in order to know what pages to navigate to.

@joeworkman Here is the URL:

BTW the arrows which I set for the test (that’s why you see two) don’t work, only the text version of Compass.
Where do I get an RW menu structure?

The reason you cannot click on the Compass images is that you have an empty 1 Column stack that is covering it. Its like an invisible element that covers the entire Compass stack making it so that you cannot click on it.

This CSS may fix it…


I put your CSS here. Is that correct? Unfortunately, the arrows still don’t respond.
I uploaded a test version (without your CSS) where Compass is only embedded in the RWML stack (if Compass is outside the RWML stack, the arrows don’t appear at all), just like the text (Prev and Next). But the arrows don’t work either.

Unfortunately, that CSS is not on the published page. You did place it in the correct location. I just noticed that there is now a JS error on the page as well. This will need to be fixed. I am not sure what it is from…

I suggest that you simply remove that from the page all together. the keywords meta tags is obsolete and not used for SEO any longer.

What does JS error mean? And should I remove the whole content that you depicted?

Yes. Remove that

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