Exist another stack like Compass of Joe W.?

exist another stack like Compass of Joe Workman?
The Compass stack analyzes the site’s navigation menu and provides previous and next links for the corresponding pages in the menu.

Is there any other similar stack?

I don’t know why but on my hosting Compass not works.

Thanks in advance.


Weird that your hosting company does not work with Compass. Perhaps worth a deeper look.

A stack I could recommend is the Jump stack by Will Woodgate. It does not work exactly the same was as Canvas, but you can manually curate a set of next/previous links with it. More here:

Jump also creates an auto table of contents: that part you may not need. You can also test out a demo of the stack to see how well it meets your needs.

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Correct me if I’m wrong:
In the Jump stack you have to set manually the link for each Previous and Next links, so is not what Compass do.

Instead with Compass stack you can change the page hierarchy without worrying about changing the “Previous” and “Next” links because Compass does it automatically based on the page hierarchy.

I don’t think Anything on your host should effect compass. Does it work if you preview in the browser? Do you have a URL for your site?
I don’t have compass, but I thought it just builds HTML links based on RapidWeaver navigation before publishing. @zeebe would know for sure.

Yes, you are correct. That’s why I wrote, “It does not work exactly the same was as Canvas, but you can manually curate a set of next/previous links with it.” That’s why I was not sure it was a good option for you, but it was the closest fit I could think of.

Here the Stack page in Edit mode: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ae0cr2bzv5hm8uq/Screenshot%202018-01-16%2014.29.40.png?dl=0
As you can see the Compass stack is in the page.

But in the published page https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro1/ the stack seems not exists. Seems not exists also in Preview mode on RW.

The screenshot of RW and the published page don’t seem to match in other ways (besides the Compass issue). For example you have weirdly placed sidebar content that does not seem to be a part of your RW setup screenshot.

But which link are you viewing?

The url I indicated is correct: https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro1/

Attached is a screenshot of what I see when I go to the link.

Your screenshot of the setup in RW does not indicate you are using any content except one text stack with “Lavaro 1” in it. Yet the published page clearly is a lot of vertical white space under that text, plus there is a sidebar area with some text about 2/3 of the way down the page. Since that’s not shown in the RW screenshot there may be some other source of your problems. Really hard to tell.

That is only the dialog box for cookies. You can click on the red button and it will disappear.
After clicked the page is completely white, you will see that the Compass stack is not displayed below the text “Lavoro 1”

… okay but it’s hard to check for problems if your screenshot does not show everything that’s on the relevant page in RW. Otherwise we’re just guessing in the dark. You end up editing out things that you think are irrelevant, but in fact may be relevant (though perhaps not obviously so).

BTW, you also do not seem to have a navigation stack on that example page. I don’t know exactly how Compass works, but it may need that navigation stack (there are a few in Foundry) before it can create its links. I could easily be wrong about this, but it’s worth checking.

What other pages are on the site? What are your settings for compass

Break Nav Hierarchy?

Would need to see the page hierarchy to tell what’s going on.

I tried to add also the Foundry Nav Bar stack on the page but nothing happens as you can see.

The dialog box for cookies is added by script whit this tool (https://cookieconsent.insites.com/).

Remove the cookie script for now.

I removed the cookie script. Nothing happens.

These are the pages that have Compass stack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7w2t071v3g0166e/Screenshot%202018-01-16%2015.52.13.png?dl=0
Only for the “work5” page I checked “Break Nav Hierarchy” on Compas stack.

work1 --> https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro1
work2 --> https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro2
work3 --> https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro3
work4 --> https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro4
work5 --> https://www.iografico.it/staging/new2/lavori/lavoro5

If the Foundry Nav Bar is not showing up then my guess is you have bigger problems than the Compass stack.

I had not set Nav Bar, now you can see the pages in the nav bar. But this does not change anything.

Okay. So have you successfully used the Compass stack on another website before?

Have you successfully used on another website using Compass and Foundry?

Is that on any of these pages?
Do you have the page settings set for each page to show in navigation?
I’m not near my Mac right now, so I’m trying to give clues from an iPad, but my understanding of compass stack is if it’s not showing in site navigation then it won’t show in compass.

Now Nav Bar stack is present in all 5 pages.
For each page I checked the “Show in navigation” feature on “General Settings” section of “General” panel of Inspector.