Looking for ways to step through and present pages within a directory or from list

I’m looking for ways and ideas to have a “Next Item” button on pages which steps through php/html pages in a given folder/directory, or, from a text file list. I do not want set these these links “manually.”

One possibility: Since RW has a list of the page files (presented in the “link menu” when creating page links) I think this could possibly be done within RW - ie: placing a “Next Item” button on a page creates a link the the next RW page in the link list.(or page pane).

Another possibility: “Next Item” button runs php script which steps through a page list (text file) to find the next page to display.

other ideas? Or perhaps I’ve missed something and this already exists?

End Result: I want visitors to be able to browse through sections of site by hitting a Next Item button. The scope would be the enclosing folder.

The only stacks that I know of that come close to fitting your scenario are the Jump stack:

… and Joe’s Compass stack. I know the Jump stack has you set these links manually, so it’s probably not a good fit. I think the Compass stack does it auto-magically, but I 'm not sure about the various limitations it works under. More here:

If there are other stacks that come close to the behavior you want then I don’t know about them.

Compass will do what you ask. But it needs to have a navigation on the page, that is how it links to everything. Here are some test sites to show you:
On test-3, I hid the navigation stack so you do not see it, but it is still there.

@zeebe - Are you saying that each page must be in the nav menu? These pages are child-pages of an enclosing page (folder) and they are not in navigation, though enclosing folder is.

Downloaded the trial and checking it out now… Thanks.

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