Completely delete a partial so that it does not return

I have mistakenly created 2 Header partials and want to delete one of them.
I have deleted one from the Library but, when I next open the a web page, it re-appears in the library. The partial that I deleted is not being used on any web page!
How can I remove the duplicated partial so that it will no longer be displayed in the Library.
Ronnie West.

If you remove it from all pages then it’ll be gone from the library next time you start RapidWeaver, If after a restart its still there then there must still be one on a page somewhere.

Not always the case… I have recently sent @Isaiah a project file with a single blank page, where Partials are not able to be deleted.

Hey Paul, thanks for that info but, the point is that there are 2 Partials with the same name - 1 is used and the other is not being used. Somehow the system is thinking that there is only one.
Is this causing it to assume that they are both the same?

I have definitely only used the one in my pages!

@MortalWombatUK – just about to post a build with that fix in it.

Stacks 3.2.2 beta 2 should be going up for anyone that’s following the beta (available on our Slack channel) and final release should be in a day or two.

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That’s great news, thanks for the rapid turnaround!

Thanks for that fix but, I have never unpacked a partial (being a recent newbie) so would appreciate some guidance links please.