Partial issue on RW8

I am building a CMS using Joe’s CMS stack so I made a duplicate of the project of the site that I am converting into CMS.

In the project file, I have a header and footer that is a partial and in CMS project, I changed some things in the header so it doesn’t point back to a live production site while I am testing the new CMS set up on a different domain.

CMS project is complete so I only copied the pages from the CMS project over to the main production project file but it does not contain any header or footer partial in those page however the main project page all header and footer switched over to the “edited” partial that was in the cms project file. So I deleted it and tried to copy the pages over again and again it switched over.

Good thing I made a backup of the main production site project and I am repubishing everything over to it again.

Why is the main project file stubbornly keep copying over the “edited” header and footer partial over when the page I am copying over contain none of those partial since I deleted it before copying it over???

Are the projects file all sharing the same partial libraries even it all a different project file name???

Partials should be unique to each project. Not sure why what you’re describing would be happening. Did you try to save the project after deleting the partials from the page before copying the page?

I haven’t tried to save it after deleting it yet … but it just crashed on me so I will restart and try again

Is it normal for two open project in RW to have same tab open. Example You click on partial tab on one of the project but on the second project it also open and display the partial tab

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