Contact form does not work in RW 6.4

I am using RW 6.4. Suddenly, my contact form stopped working. I read all the posts, nothing seems to click - is there a simple solution? i put in a new contact form and it’s worse than the first. Every line says:

<?php echo check ('element0); ?. (then 1, 2, 3 on the different lines of the form) Gibberish to me. When it's published I get the "404 not found." I use hostgator and they support PHP. Hopefully there is a simple solution that does not require complex coding. RW is supposed to be simple! Thanks for your help.

Hi… Explain more please. Do you mean that you did nothing to it and your live contact form quit working? Can you give a url of the live form?

Hi Greg - thanks for your reply. The form was working and then it wasn’t. I tried it out, got nothing. I replaced the contact form and now it is really strange. Because of the setup of the site, the contact form is created and then imported into another page (I use blocks pages, just find them really easy). I have attached what the full blown contact form looked like in preview mode below. Here is the link to the sample site page:

If that doesn’t work, it’s at “roatan-villas.com” on the “exploring roatan” page.


Thank you for your help. It is a complete mystery to me! Sorry for the delay, had trouble uploading the sample site.

Adrienne Larkin

I don’t at all understand your statement that the contact form “is created and then imported into another page.” Why? I’ve never seen that done. With an iFrame perhaps? Why not just use the contact form as intended? Your page is an .html page and it needs to be .php for the form to execute. Did you rename the contact form at some point? Or perhaps change setup on your host?

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Ok, importing “pages” is one of the handy features of a blocks page. When you create a blocks page, you can put in all kinds of “blocks “ text, image text, and Html blocks, for example), - one of the available “blocks” - is a “page” block. When you put a “page” block on a blocks page, the content of the “page block” is any other page on your site. I use it to, for example, to put photo albums onto master pages which are formatted to keep the general theme of my website intact. A contact form does not have a “back” button, or a menu, and I don’t wish to lose potential customers because of that fact, so I embed my “contacts” form in a master page that does have a menu.

What You are saying, Greg, (I gather) is that by embedding it into an HTML page, it confuses the form, which needs to be a php page. I have used this “blocks” approach for a long time, but suddenly it has gone haywire. If there is no easy solution, then I will have a standalone contacts page, but sure would like to have the capacity to have a “back” button.

Thanks for your great insight and help.

Sorry… I’m just not understanding. Have you looked at your site on a phone? It’s badly broken. Blocks may be “easy” as you say but look at the result. On a phone the text and photos are truncated, cut off, and so small it’s unreadable. Web users are now using phones. You need to design for that.

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