Contact form in RW 6.4 not working

Ok, here it is. Just revised and published my website – managed to stumble through various problems along the way thanks to these boards, so, I’m trying again. The stock RW Contact Form is not sending emails. It looks like it does, but it isn’t working. I’ve serched both here and on my web hoster’s info pages and haven’t found anything. I just had a chat with the web hosting tech (Aabaco Small Buisness, formerly Yahoo – and yes, I may change at the end this year) and he pointed me to a page with some HTML code to paste into the contact form, but he was unfamiliar with RW and couldn’t say exactly where.

This is my question: The Metatags and HTML Code area in the inspector has four buttons, Prefix, Header, CSS and Javascript – where do I paste it? Or is there another way of inputting the HTML?

Thanks everyone.

PS: The instructions say toad the HTML into the tag on the page … I don’t see that. :confused:

this can be an issue with the PHP mailer function not working. Many Hosting providers will do this as they see it as a security risk. Check with the hosting provider they probably will tell you to use an SMTP connection in the form. That said you will need to use something like FormLoom Like I do for that.

All the details of the SMTP will need to be supplied by your hosting provider.

Thanks for getting to me, I appreciate any and all assistance;) (And I apologize for the complete non-understandability of my PS post)

Actually, my provider gave me some HTML code to paste into the Contact page. It specifically says to paste into the FORM tag. I can’t find that. In the inspector has four areas to input the HTML:

Prefix, which inputs before DOCTYPE,

Header, which inputs between HEAD tags,

CSS, which inputs between STYLE tags

and Javascript, which inputs between SCRIPT tags.

So, I’m unsure where to paste the code. In addition to my hosting provider and here I have sent a query to RW to see if they can help. As for Formloom, maybe, but I have to say I’m getting annoyed by being nickel and dimed by having to purchase add-on after add-on AFTER I’ve already paid for to “upgrade” RW.

To be clear, I am not annoyed at you or anyone on these boards, you guys are great and I gotten lots of help already.

Thanks again.

PS2: Or, do I use Snippets?

probably best to publish the form and then open the published file up in Textwrangler and code it by hand

Really I dont know what they gave you so its hard to say .

Well, below is the code they gave me. It works, sort of. I opened a stacks page and put in an HTML stack, then pasted the code. It makes a form that works, but after it sends the mail the page turns white and the following is the only think on the screen:

Name = mjj
“email” =
Comments = qwerty

Qwerty was the message I typed from another email. As far as opening the published page and using Textwrangler, I have no idea how to that, nor do I know anything about coding. But I’m looking it up. Here’s the code from my provider:


Thank you very much. Now googling Textwrangler;)

Textwrangler is your friend! And his big brother BBedit. I use it for code all the time. Good for zapping smart quotes and such. “straighten quotes” on the text pulldown is used often.

I have a Contact Form working. The current working one was made on RW5.3. Let me know if I can help.

I’m confused as you say the form is not working but then you ask about tags and HTML. No special code is needed that I know of.

I have a 28 question questionnaire I use it for… never had a problem. Works great.

Let me know if I can explain in more detail how to use it.

Let me add… it is the same is RW5 and RW6.

Again… I’m confused about a tech saying you had to add code… If your normal mail service is working thru your server’s email system I believe Contact form should work as it simply send as email. At least mine didn’t require any code, be it css, html, javascript or anything else.

Of course… as always… I could be wrong.

I have dealt with servers that are setup in the guise of security that working with them is a nightmare. This is why ai bought my own server. I use SMTP to send emails via FormLoom works perfect . I can also using the php mail but I would rather use smtp.

I feel your pain but need to see what the script is they sent you to sen mail with. you probably dont have a redirect pages set up for success or fail to send.

Thank you, everyone – but I’m just cutting the contact form and putting my email address on the contact page.

While this seems to be something that should be simple (btw – Rapidweaver has yet to respond to my support email, which I’m quite annoyed about) it looks like both RW and my hosting provider, Aabaco Small Business, are able to deal with the issue by giving me proper information. I will definitely be replacing at least one them, I think.

However, I have nothing but good to say about Nick Cates Design, who helped me through other issues;)

Thanks, again – I do love these boards.

If you are just going to put your email address on, you can use this tool: to help make it more difficult for the evil robots out there to find it. Just put in an email, get the html, and paste into and html stack (and ‘ignore formatting’).

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