Contact form does not work

The contact form on my website has never worked. When I test the form by sending a message, I received the following note: “I’m sorry, there seems to have been an error trying to send your email. Please try again.”

My host, Brinkster, referred me to the following information regarding its PHP. Is there anything here that would prevent the contact form from not working properly? I use Linux.

Getting Started with PHP Articles
You can paste the following code into any *.php page and view the page via an internet browser. This will show all relevant information regarding the currently supported PHP Framework. Brinkster suggests that you review for information and questions specific to the PHP framework. On the Linux hosting you will need to place this code directly into the public_html directory.

<? phpinfo() ?>

Can I use Register_Globals in my PHP Application?

The default PHP framework has been setup with Register_Globals turned off for security purposes and error warnings turned on. You can find more information about these security precautions at

You can on windows hosting insert the following code in the top of your PHP pages if you wish to ignore the suggested settings of the PHP development team:

The following line of code turns on register_globals for your php page.
ini_set (‘register_globals’, ‘1’);

The following line of code turns off the error warnings on your php page.

ini_set (‘display_errors’, ‘0’);

You can not change this on the Linux hosting.

Which PHP Components are supported at Brinkster?

Any component that is not part of the default framework is not supported on Brinkster’s servers. The only exception at this time is PHPMailer which is supported.

You may request for additional components to be reviewed by our development team. If the component is approved, the component will be applied to the servers. Email these requests to:

I’m using the Tesla theme with the built-in contact form, although I also had the same problem for years with a different theme.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.