Contact Form not working?

My contact form does not seem to work. I’ve sent a few test emails, and they do not arrive. I have my return email address set correctly in RW. What might be wrong?

There are a couple of things that could be wrong here.

  1. The most simple explanation for the Contact form failing for you, is a lack of PHP support on your host server.
    Your host must have PHP installed, in order that any mail form script is able to function.
    If you are unsure if your server is PHP enabled, you should contact your website host, and enquire.

  2. Some website hosts have in place a security measure, that encompasses mail form scripts, running on there servers.
    This security does not allow any form script on there server to send to an email address, other than one that is tied to the domain name of that particular website.
    As an example of what is allowed under this security restriction and what is not allowed :

If your website is called :

Allowed email to send to :

Not allowed :

So basically the email address you enter should be one you have registered with your domain (if this security restriction is in place)

Again if you are unsure if your host imposes this restriction, you should contact there support for them to advise you.

PHP is supported on my host. I created an email account for and I changed the reply address of the mail form to It still does not work. My host is not much help. They say they don’t support form mail. I have to wonder if there’s something missing when RW creates the form mail and when I publish the site.

Got it working. I didn’t have the send to setting set in the contact form page.

Must say i use google spredsheet and form with RW, and it works perfectly, with a bilion choises

hi, how you did it? Can you explain to me step by step?
Thank you.