Contact form page, extra stacks

Hello everyone,

I use the standard contactform page of my theme in RW7. I want to add more stacks to the page, but don’t know how. Is this possible? In the edit mode I can only customize the contact form itself.



Do you see any drop zones like the one shown below?

The Contact Form page type is different to the Stacks page type, so you can’t add stacks to it.

Well you can, but it’s a faff. If you have Stacks then consider using something like Doobox HTML Contact Form. Drop that into a Stacks page and then you can add as many other stacks as you like.



Stacks plugin or Contact plugin…take your pick…but Stack pages are much more flexible!!

Thanks everyone for you replies. I think using a stack page and ad a contact form stack gives me more flexibility. I will look into that.
This was very helpful!

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