Contact forms dont work PERIOD! (dreamhost)

not sure if this is the correct category… but im using RW with stacks, and foundry…
the basic email contact form seemed to be working for a while… but now a few months later half of the emails sent by people dont get delivered to me!
tried changing settings, email addresses… and even setup a custom email address with dreamhost (my hosting company) and STILL no reliability!

so i went ahead and bought the “HTML Contact Form Stack” from doobox… and SAME PROBLEM!!!
weird thing is - the auto-responder emails thanking the person for submitting a question works… those are delivered to the person submitting the form just fine… but the actual content of the form is NEVER delivered to the email address i setup!

is there some problem with dreamhost, and RW that i dont know about? ive tried gmail, icloud mail, and hosted email accounts on my webserver… nothing ever works!!

am i missing something simple here?

any thoughts are appreciated!


I have dreamhost, they enabled security settings on my server that I wasn’t aware of. I needed to contact them to white list some permissions. I would contact them, they’re very responsive. Explain your situation.


I just setup 2 test contact forms on DreamHost without issues.
One was with 1LD superform,
the other with "HTML Contact Form Stack” from doobox

You have to use an email address from the same website.

Unless you are going to setup SMTP authentication with an external mail provider (would require an email stack that supports that and maybe some PHP configuration changes) then you have to abide by their Sender domain policy.

  • You must use a FROM address that’s on the same website you’re sending email from
  • The email must be hosted at DreamHost.

Every reputable host company has the same policy, otherwise spoofed emails (spam) can ruin their mail servers’ reputation and pretty much any email sent at all will get tagged as junk.

In your home directory at dream host there is a subdirectory called Maildir/new. in there you will find any rejected emails. If you look, you will more than likely see that they are getting rejected because of using an invalid From address like these:

One of the articles I link to even has steps to create a script to “pull” the rejects. I wouldn’t do that, I would just set up an email on the same domain and then forward it to where you want.


thanks for the reply!

like i said in original post - im using a managed email service on the same domain as the website.

just using the basic “form” stack
nothing fancy…
i also tried the form stack doobox - attached are 2 screenshots of the ONLY configuration options both of those have.

just seems weird that a bunch of extra configuration would be needed to make either of these work…

i have no control over the email addresses that people are inputting on the forms when they submit requests… but as far as i can tell, that should be roughly irrelevant - since the only email address the form submissions are going to, is the email address on the websites domain that i input in the configuration boxes.

the autoresponder is working on the doobox stack… those are always sent to the person’s email that submitted the form… but the actual form submissions never get delivered to the email address ive put into the stack configuration (again - on the dame domain as the website)

ill give dreamhost a call… not sure what else to do at this point.


got ahold of dreamhost - they changed some settings, and BOOM we’re in business!
thanks for the replies everyone!



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