The contact form saga continues

Hi there,

I’ve created several websites in the past and never had any issues with the use of a contact form.
Now however, I’m not able to get any of them to work anymore.
I’ve used several options, the contact form that comes with RW (I’m using RW7 now but I have some old sites that only occasionally need some minor updating and that were created and are updated in RW5). I got the html Contact Form stack by Doobox as I thought the issue might be php related, and I downloaded the trial version of formloom to see if I could get that one working.
Most of my sites are hosted by, which allows php (version 7.0).

None of these options work. I always get an error code when sending the form. Am I missing out on something here ? The basic forms are not that complicated but clearly I’m doing something wrong.

It’s extremely frustrating as I do need to get some forms online quickly.

I built a trial with the Doobox contact form stack here

Can any of you geniuses help me out of my misery ? I would be eternally grateful of course !


Some hosts require that the email be coming from an address that matches the domain name. So if you have and your contact email is then it might not send.

Not sure what you have set in your settings but that would be one thing to test…


I will check this out but it seems weird. I never had this issue in the past with this host. But it’s worth the try.

Hosts change their setups and update things all the time and they never tell you. Sometimes they wont even admit it when you prove it to them LOL.


Sounds exactly like some of my clients @swilliam :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Anyway, @jabostick, I got the form to send successfully by sending it to my other mail address that has the same extension as my test site, so that looks promising. Now fingers crossed that it will arrive too. I’m guessing/hoping the contact form pigeon just takes its time delivering the mail.

So, the form seems to work but the mail never arrived.
I have a forwarding mail which is, mij webadress is also
My server allows .php and has an updated version of it (7.0)

I have both an .html try out with the Doobox form stack as a .php try out with the standard contact form.

The Doobox form says the message has been sent (but it never arrives), the standard contact form says “We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.” and doesn’t even send the form.

I’m really struggling here. This should be a simple thing, I’ve always included forms in my sites and it never was an issue. I’ve seen several topics already on this issue but I don’t find an answer in either of them.

This is nerve racking :exploding_head:

It could be more on the hosting side of things than the Rapidweaver side of things. If you start a ticket with your host, they may be able to track the emails and let you know where they’re being lost

Yes, I reckon. But I’m guessing this has been solved in the past with some of you who had similar problems so I’m trying to locate the exact issue.
I created an extra mail address on the site. With this one I can receive the .html form but not the php one. The guys from are trying to help but we’re still stuck for the moment.
Message is always “We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form.”

I got the thing working with Formloom (which is php), also the Doobox form stack works, only the standard rapidweaver form doesn’t work, so I’m guessing the issue is not with my hosting company anymore.
The mail address is the same as the website address and is hosted there.

This is frustrating. I have to buy a $30 add-on, which wouldn’t bother me if I needed something more elaborate but the standard contact form has everything I need. I just don’t get it to work.

The message remains : “We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.”

I checked out several posts on this topic and contacted the people who had issues, no one seems to have found the answer, all have chosen for an alternative stack or add-on.

I’m new here. I don’t know it is the right place to ask this: Someone knows if it’s possible to add more than one e-mail addresses in the field “Send to” in Contact Form Settings (Rapidweaver 6)?

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