Please can someone tell me why I am not receiving emails from a my rapidweaver contact page

Hi I am using the standard contact form - simple - and I have tried everything in inspector and my emails are not being received - does anyone have any idea of what I can do thanks!

Couple of things to check:

  1. Are they being placed in your Spam folder?
  2. Does your host have any restrictions on forms being able to send mail? To prevent Spam, hosts have varying setups - I’d recommend contacting your host to find out if they support PHP’s mail() and sendmail() commands, and to see if their logs can help pinpoint a reason for their non-delivery.



Hi Nik,

Checked my spam folder and nothing delivered.

Also been in touch with my hosting provider - Godaddy - and PHP mail and send mail are working. They said to ask you has rapidweaver updated their PHP - to version 5.3 5.4 or 5.5 anything lower is not supported anymore by Godaddy.

I have 2 websites uploaded onto Godaddy both rapidweaver 6.3.7 - using different themes and both contact pages on both website are not sending me messages - if Godaddy have checked their server and all appears to be working fine they are saying it is a script issue. Any ideas will be welcome. No point in having a website that people can’t send me a message through. Thanks Nik

Hi again
These are the website contact pages:-

You help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe you are able to have a look into the PHP log files? Ask your hoster…

I can’t answer your question, but I felt it worth chiming in to say that I have lots and lots of sites on different GoDaddy plans (shared and dedicated), and none of them give me any issues with forms or with sending emails. In the past I’ve used the built-in Rapidweaver forms, FormLoom 1 and 2, FormSnap, DateSnap and MapSnap - all of them have worked flawlessly with my GoDaddy-hosted sites. I’ve since switched to MachForm for all of my forms needs - it’s much more versatile and there’s zero fiddling with databases (after initially setting it up…which MachForm will do for FREE, if creating a db isn’t your thing).

It looks to me like your sites are hosted on an Apache server - I mention this because GoDaddy also offers plans hosted on IIS. The latter will probably be problematic, but you should be fine since you’re either using Classic Linux or C-Panel.

Maybe a stupid question, but : are your data correct in the add-on? Is it your correct email adress, and so on?

Hi guys, thanks so much for your feedback, well I changed the contact form from a rapidweaver standard and added a stacks page and contact form instead - then it still didn’t work. I checked my email (that is the domeain email) and that was right, then I checked to make sure I am receiving emails to that email account and that was working. Then I changed the email to the email registered with Godaddy, instead of my email account attached to the domain, and BINGO!! It worked = phew!!! Still can’t see why that it but I am not complaining as long as I can recieve my messages I am happy :slight_smile:

I would complain to GoDaddy. It should work properly - the way you want it, not by their odd configuration.

If I’m understanding you correctly, then there’s no need to complain to GoDaddy. My understanding is that they only allow email forwarding from email accounts registered with Godaddy. This is one way to ensure that their servers aren’t used by spammers.

Hello ClareL, I am having the exact same problem as you had. I still don’t understand how to fix it. Godaddy for some reason does’t get the problem. How was the email registered with Godaddy different from the email account attached to the domain? Can you explain this to me. I’m getting desperate at his point. Thank you!

I had the same problem, but when I checked the “Send To:” option on the Contact Form Settings, I had placed the email address of the website I am creating, not my regular email address. I simply checked THAT address, and there were the test emails I had been sending.

Just starting with RW.
Using both Personal and Journal to test I had an issue will the form not emailing so I unchecked all in Settings/Advanced like Protect Email etc… saved and republished all files, the email form then worked. I went back and checked the options and republished again and it still works… not sure what happened.

I noticed that when I first published that the email address did not get saved to the mailer.php file (maybe cause of the Protect Email?) so one other option would be to manually change the mailer.php file w/bbedit etc.
//set the users email address
$email = "";

ps. I always make a copy of a file before editiing.

I have had this same issue for months. I have tried all of the workarounds listed here and none of them work. I too have Godaddy and all seems to be the way it should be. I have added a note to my contact page for people to email us directly and not use the contact form since I do not wish to take the contact page down.

Might want to check out this:

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