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Hi. It is a while since I was on here but I am slightly forward from where I was a year ago, despite only really starting to use RW7 in anger this month.

I have, with the kind help of Will Woodgate, managed to launch my first RW site and everything worked fine (eventually) except the contact form. I was just getting a 404 on that page. I later discovered that our host does not support PHP, so I went in search of a solution. I discovered “HTML Contact Form” a stack by Doobox which worked beautifully.

Except that none of the filled forms were forwarded to the nominated email address I pointed the form towards. After much head scratching and enquiry I discovered that, contrary to what I inferred from Gary’s web site, the Doobox stack still requires PHP support! So I had spent £7 to get a non-functional form to render on the web page.

Before anyone says it, changing the host is not an option. However, the host has been quite helpful in offering advice on how to use a perl script to get a contact form to work. The sad bit is, I have not a clue how to get a perl script to work with RW; it is a realm of coding way above my pay grade. I am game for most things but this one assumes I know far more than I do.

Does anyone here have experience of making their own perl diy feedback or contact form? If so, would they mind giving me a dimwit’s guide. Can it work with the form already available in RW or do I have to write my own HTML form? I cannot write HTML but I can copy and paste :0) Any help will be very greatly appreciated. I asked Gary but have not heard back yet.

Thanks. Drew

(Joe Workman) #2

You can create perl CGI scripts but this means that you are 100% on your own with making all of that work. Perl has not really been a standard on the web for probably 15 years or more. Any hosting company worth anything will support PHP.

What if you used a 3rd party form tool that you could simply embed onto your page. Maybe embed a Google form?

You are going to have a tough time using any sort of advanced stack without PHP on your server.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Perl isn’t really being used much anymore other than some system administrative tasks and hackers. Even most administrators are moving toward Python. Not sure why you can’t change host or the host won’t install PHP (it’s open source).
I agree with Joe above, you might checkout something like MacForms cloud based forms.

(Mark Sealey) #4

Agreed - reluctantly: I have spent those last 15 years writing Perl. It does look as though it has had its day.

This is the de facto standard and has been widely considered very safe. But would require considerable knowledge of:

  • text editors to customize it
  • the OS of the server you’re working on
  • Perl
  • HTML to get the parameters on the page in HTML to correspond (although this code makes that easier than anything handcrafted

Although you’re reluctant to do so, changing hosts seems to be your only option if you want to work with RW this way. Good luck!

(LJ) #5

You really should get php support somewhere. Perl scripting is still alive and very much kicking - however, it’s complete over-kiil for you to learn or to hire someone just for a contact form. Anyone can move hosting and if they won’t offer open source php you should seriously consider it imho. Mach Forms is great and has a cloud version but you’ll be spending decent money on a subscription.

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