Contact form will not work

(Tim smith) #1

Hi just swapped over to rapid weaver 7 contact form will not work hosting site is by host papa been on to them it sends to server but comes up with error there tech guys can not configure it help needed

(NeilUK) #2

Without a link to the offending form and the settings you’re using, it’s impossible to help you.

(Tim smith) #3

its the standard form that comes with rapid weaver contact us all filled in correctly the issue is host papa do not do php mail script

(NeilUK) #4

Ah, time for a decent host maybe.

(NeilUK) #5

If you’re using Stacks, Doobox’s HTML contact form might be a solution.

(Tim smith) #6

no haven’t upgraded to stacks yet is that in the standard stack package

(NeilUK) #7

First you’d need to buy the Stacks plugin that comes with some basic layout and other stacks, but then you can get many more stacks from different vendors to extend RW to do pretty much anything.

The contact form from Doobox would be an extra purchase after you have the main Stacks plugin.

(Tim smith) #8

Hi bought stacks and doo box still will not work very dissappointed my host still says it needs codes added but there is no box when I wrote site originally in serif x8 they had a proper box to fill in worked first time so much for plug and play

(NeilUK) #9

You get what you pay for in regards to hosting. I learned that a long time ago.

The usual tactic of hosting companies is to blame either the user or the software. It covers their own cluelessness.

Good luck and a very Happy New Year

(Tim smith) #10

What is a good host for RapidWeaver

(NeilUK) #11

It depends. Are you aiming your site at a particular audience in the UK, US or another country?

It also depends on your budget.

A2 hosting is used by Realmac. I’ve used Hostm before, based in Germany. I only switched from Hostm because they don’t do reseller hosting.

I think A2 has a choice of locations so you could choose Amsterdam if you’re based in Europe.

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