Contact Page Email Direction Has Stops Working

Hi, I’ve built two sites all in the Nick Cates Open Theme. I’ve set up the contact pages to forward the enquiries which was working for about 9 months. Both sites are now no longer directing mail to their respective email addresses. I have tried alternative email addresses in the sent to contact from setting, and have the 'send email using your email address ’ tick box selected.

Pic file Attached of settings

Can someone please advise on this.


I would not use the send using your email address feature. This can get the email stopped at the server. I would contact your host and make sure your settings are okay. Godaddy, for instance, is notorious about having custom mail settings. Also I don’t recommend using smtp to send mail


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I am having the same issue (with one caveat) mine does not send mail either I have tried form base and the built in contact form. All using smtp btw.

The caveat, on a rare occasion form base will send an email from gmail using smtp (the from address is rarely the email address sent from but usually the smtp addy), the emails never even hit the email servers from any of the other email providers I tried.

There is definitely an opps somewhere…

PS. I am at 6.3.7

PSS. Whichever form I am using happily says the email was sent…

Thanks Greg, but what firstly I don’t understand is that it has been working with no problems right up to last week, for almost nine months , no problems. It only that we got alerted by a client today that we realised there was a problem. Secondly both sites, using the same theme but with different hosting services and email domains have both stopped. So my initial thoughts are that it something Rapid Weaver is doing.

@graz1701 your host can make configuration changes which prevent or break things. I do not recommend SMTP. Use PHP’s built-in mail function instead. SMTP is commonly used/exploited by PHP spam scripts. These are just my experiences while running Chillidog Hosting. I recommend contacting your host to see what they recommend when using their service :slightly_smiling:


Greg, have you seen the exploit with SMTP with a secure SSL connection? I would think that would be hard to hack.


My old host and new host didn’t have a clue what I was talking about…

@garageshop well, if you did this it would involve two things:

  1. storing your password on the server
  2. PHP access to SMTP servers

The first is bad because, if there is ever an exploit where someone got a hold of your files, they’d have your email account password.

The second is bad because it’s incredibly difficult to trace scripts using SMTP. A spammer, using PHP + SMTP, can hide his actions from system admins. This results in the server getting flagged in Spam lists and hurting everyone.


@jms5758 Sorry :frowning: That’s unfortunate. They should be able to tell you the configuration to use for sending mail via PHP.

Unfortunately, that’s the best I can help from the outside. If you’re interested in switching over to Chillidog, I’d be happy to help get you migrated and your contact form up and running.


Thanks Greg, that is very helpful intel. I have removed SMTP settings from all my forms.

Ironically, Mike recommends that we use SMTP with formsnap or formloom. This may be to track errors though.


You’re welcome. Glad it helped :slight_smile: