Contact page no longer forwarded to my email

I use RW 6.19. Lately I noticed that the contact page that shows the correct email address is no longer forwarded to it. I also ran a test with a different email address and that one did not forward either. I am at a loss, because this has worked now for years and bingo from one day to the other won’t work any longer. See attachments (I am not a programmer so I don’t have much of a clue what I am doing here :cry:.

Hey there!

Did the form work before, and just recently stopped working?

Make sure your host has PHP and sendmail() enabled for your account. They may have updated/changed something on your server.

Also, try using an @gmail email, for example, as sometimes the issue might be with your actual email provider/settings.

Some hosts prefer an SMTP setup to send/receive email, so there’s a bunch of variables.

Keep me posted :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron, thanks for your quick reply. I have been using Bluehost all along, never had an issue, but for a month now I noticed that I am not receiving any inquiries from my contact page. I also have always been using gmail like you recommend. From your answer I have to assume that I need to call Bluehost, looks like the ball is in their court? You are mentioning a SMPT setup, and you lost me.

Ask your host if they have PHP enabled for your server. If they do, we can take it from there. And email us with the results, so we can better assist!

I played around with the contact page in hopes of getting it to work. I didn’t do more than testing the attachment feature where I attached a jpeg as a test (I never tested it before), and low and behold IT WORKED!! And the contact page has been working ever since. The sad part though is, I don’t have a clue why. Go figure. Thanks though for your reply.

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