Conversion oriented Landing Pages based on Stacks 3 / Foundation or UI Kit

Hey guys,

I am super new to Rapidweaver, but I am really impressed with the functionality it offers when used with Stacks 3. So far I have been using Wordpress/Optimize Press for landing pages and did some apps with Filemaker/Xojo/RoR. I am not a designer and will not (be able to) become one. I do not want to do any UI Coding (HTML/JS). I want to quickly build beautiful, flexible and converting landing pages.

I am looking for Themes that are based on Stacks 3 and Foundation/Ui Kit as I

  1. can launch new products/websites quickly without doing design work
  2. am not limited by a “normal” theme
  3. can use partials (super handy for customizing target group specific landing pages)

I found the following themes/projects which are based on Stacks and Foundation/Ui Kit, but I could not find any specifically targeted for landing pages:
-Webdeersign Projects
-Archetypon Dromeas (Too “naked” for me: Still needs some design work)

The target is to find a Theme/Project like this:
Titanium Sales Page sample (Optimizepress)

Any ideas? How difficult is for an experienced developer to “convert” the above Titanium Design to a Rapidweaver Foundation Theme?


Try the pre-built projects from Foundry.

Carbon looks like the style you are looking for.

You would need the Foundy stacks as well.

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Hi Ben,

i offer pre-designed project files for Foundation.

Maybe my Partials Magic would work to archive what you want…


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@Benja Have a look at my Template 4 which is almost exactly what you are looking for. Temlate4 does not need any framework but works perfectly well inside a Framework and Foundation would be ideal. Many users of Template 4 use Foundation.



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Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Actually, this is pretty much EXACTLY what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing Foundry. I am very happy with it. It’s easy and quick to learn and also does what I was expecting. I use the Steel and Spark template by Elixir and just combined the pieces I like. Really cool!

Overall, I must say that building landing pages with this setup is SO MUCH better than Wordpress + Optimizepress: It’s much quicker to build and more flexible.

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