Converting from RW6 to RW8 problem

I have a RW 6 created website that is working very well. It has over 150 links as part of its structure (I’m a teacher who has made this website for students to have access to individual assignments and references).

When I attempted to use RW8, it converted the RW6 site to the new RW8 format. Unfortunately in doing so most of the links to the documents or external websites were lost. They no longer work and I get an error message to that effect. I have not made use of RW8 as a result.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get my RW6 website to fully update to RW8 without having to redo all of the links?

Thanks in advance.

Could you tell us more about the links?

You said “most” of the links are lost, what’s different if anything about the links that did make the conversation?

What kind of page are the links on?

How did you add the links (text, buttons, etc)?

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