Linking resource problem RW6 to RW7

When I convert a Rapidweaver 6 file to the new RW7 I lose the resource links (get the yellow triangle). I’ve saved my old RW6 file and opened a new RW7 file as per directions (link below), but I still don’t get the resources linked. I have to go in and manually relink each resource. This happens with every site I have converted and sometimes this is hundreds of resource files. Anyone experiencing the same problem and anyone have any solutions? As mentioned I’ve already tried the KB topic here:

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I am having a problem similar to this - the links are intact, but all of the resources are MISSING upon upgrading my web sites from RW6 to RW7. So, I have to load them all again, link them all again, etc. This makes upgrading seem like a bad idea, and I see no solutions suggested.