Heeeelp, please! All RW file links are missing. How to update/relink?


My RW file works fine in 8.0.3. After upgrading to 8.1.6, RW shows missing links in the whole RW file which is 12 years old. I never experienced this when upgrading or updating any of the previous file over all these years. Impossible to use RW 8.1, all versions after 8.0.3 produce this really embarrassing error message.

How to fix this issue?

I never saved the placed or imported images, logos, buttons, … separately because they were copied into the RW file. So it is impossible to relink them to the originals (some links even refer to trashed items).

The missing files seem to be in the package of my RW file (1,14 GB because the content is very huge and the website is used as an e-learning platform for my students). But how can I get all of them back in order to relink them.

As recommanded by Dan in a previous similar issue regarding RW 6 to RW 7 where this same problem seemed to appear users just had to re-save the file and open it again in the new RW version.

This definitely does not seem to work with RW 8.0.3 to 8.1.x.

Any idea how to fix this problem? What’s the reason for this (I did not migrate the file to another computer nor did I change any plugins, stacks, preferences, …)?

It really is a disastrous situation. I would really be very grateful for any suggestion in order to fix it! Thank you.

Tagging @tpbradley

Yeap, thank you! But how to do this?

I just did by entering @ and then his name. Hopefully he can have a look. Please always contact RealMac support as well at support@realmacsoftware.com

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Do you have a backup of your 8.0.3 file somewhere? (NOT RW, but the project file as was working on 8.0.3)

Yeap, of course!

That’s good. Complete catastrophe avoided. I can’t help you directly as I don’t really use resources. People have had problems with “linked” resources, but this seems new to me: embedded resources going bad. Hope you are able to sort this out soon.

Hey @Pergamentus

You could just be seeing old file links that aren’t necessary any more. After opening the project, can you click the “Not Now” button when the missing file links are shown and carefully check your project for missing files.

If nothing is missing you can safely remove the links and continue as normal.

If you do find that you have missing files, please let me know and send a copy of the project to support@realmacsoftware.com with a subject of “FAO: Tom”. The file is quite large so you’ll have to use DropBox, WeTransfer or something similar.


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