Cookie Jar and google translate HTML on website

Hi All I have 3 questions:

  1. Can Cookie Jar be used with either Foundation 6 / Foundry 2.x?

  2. Is it compatible when using the Google translate HTML code in RW 8.x - I have found if I use the GT HTML code in my current project in RW to enable visitor to translate site the in-built RW Privacy Dismiss button does not work, sometimes the privacy statement will show and base of page and a mirror near top of page without the dismiss button.

If I set the Google translate HTML to ‘do not publish’ all works ok.

Unless of course I am doing something wrong
currently I can either have the privacy statement and no google translator oin the page or Google translator and no Privacy statement.

If I export the site to test and GT is enabled to publish - privacy statement will not be visible.

  1. Will using Cookie Jar fix this problem - Site is being built using Foundry

Many Thanks


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