Google translate stack issue

Hi. I am having trouble with a google translate stack from Joe Workman. It translates the pages fine as far as I can tell (not speaking 100 languages!) but all the paragraphs are merged into one on the translated page? I did a test and it works fine with an HTML stack area but not a TEXT stack area.

Has anyone else had this problem? and are there any other compatible translate tools?

Thanks in advance. Peter

Do you have a link to show us the issues?

yes - here it is:

I’m trying to use the Joe Workman Translate stack - which seems to work ok in rapidweaver preview, but when I publish the site, the selection box doesn’t appear on my page… Am I doing something Stupid !! - any suggestions welcome:)

I’ve added to all pages here:

Are you putting the link to Google Translate with https or just http? Your site is https and won’t allow insecure content to load with http links.

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I can’t see any link in the Joe Workman translate stack - the only options are default language in the stack settings.

Do i need to look somewhere else?

I don’t have the stack, but I saw there was an error in the Safari inspector referring to trying to load Google Translate from a non-secure url.

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Ok thanks - there must be something I’m missing, but at least I know what I’m looking for. Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Fixed it - Joe Workman stack came with a code snippet, I used the code snippet in a HTML stack, that way I was able to change http to https. Thanks again for pointing out what needed to be fixed, really big help.

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