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Is there a Stacks plugin that you can add to a RW site so this bar pops up and makes visitors aware of cookies

Take a look at the Cookie Manager stack -

Use it conjunction with something like the Gateway stack and it works really well.


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Hi Rob

I did actually look at that. By using that combo it makes your website GDPR ready from a Cookies point of view?

Joe Workman makes a stack called Cookie Jar here:

Just a couple of additional questions

In the instructions of Gateway its says you have to change the page from HTML to PHP is that correct and do I just change the file extension here?


Also I have a few videos on my site do I have to create an instance of Gateway & Cookie Manager for every video displayed on every page?

Yes, you would just change the extension in the file name, so it’s “index.php”.

It’s also important to know that RapidWeaver does not delete files from a server, it only adds/updates them.

When you switch a page from html to php, you end up with both files on the server. Most servers are configured to serve html files over php files, so where there are two with the same name, it will serve the html file. If you’ve already published your site with an “index.html” in the root directory, you won’t see the new, updated version. You will need to use an FTP app or the file manager built into your hosting account’s control panel to delete the html file, so it will serve the php file.

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Change the file name on every RW page not just the Home page?

If you’re using Gateway on all your pages (in a partial would be best), then yes.

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