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I need a solution to present Privacy Policy (and cookie policy) on websites in accordance with the @#$%^&*! GDPR law.

The issue here is that a stack such as Gateway, will probably work on a single page, but what about the rest of the pages on a site? I would not want the visitor to have to click off the GDPR-mandated notification for each and every page. It’s bad enough we have to force people to click off stupid, useless notification pop-ups every single time they visit a website, but for every page of the website? That would make for a terrible user experience.

What has everyone else done? What solution have you implemented for your Rapidweaver sites?

Note: Rapidweaver 8 supposedly has a built-in feature for that, but it is extremely basic, plus it is incompatible with some of my important stacks, so I stopped using RW8 the same day I downloaded it, de-installed it, and reverted back to RW7. I need a solution that works for Rapidweaver 7.

If a user clicks “Dismiss” or “Accept” on one page, it won’t appear on the other pages after the user has accepted your “cookie” or “privacy” notice.

At least that’s how I set it up for my clients. It’s works well using the Gateway stack in a partial.


That sounds great, Neil. I will give it a go. Thanks!

What does this “built in feature” have to do with RW7 or RW8?

Or - why did you think you had to uninstall RW8?


Mini Cookie is quite a comprehensive stack for this, though it seems to have significantly increased in price since I bought it. It does seem to offer features that others don’t have (unless I’m missing something) like the option for the user to change their mind on accepted Cookies later if they have previously accepted them.
MiniCookie | Stacks4Stacks

There is also the free, though donations appreciated, Cookie Manager which can integrate with Gateway for conditional stack display

Other stacks I know of but don’t have are:

Joe Workman’s Cookie Jar

Juergen Barth’s Biscuit Box

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Thank you, Paul.

MiniCookie v2 will be available in the next week or two. It is finished! But I have not recorded the video tutorial for it yet, which I wanted to do beforehand. This will be a free update for all existing customers. The update adds support for something called secure cookies.

Perhaps more importantly, this update also extends compliance to cover the new German website privacy laws coming into force this summer. These laws are even more stricter than GDPR. It requires website owners to categorise different levels of tracking, and present options to website users as checkboxes. If you have been following me or Yourhead Software on Twitter, then you may have already caught a glimpse of what is coming in v2:

A lot of work has gone into this update on all aspects - researching the legalities, designing the user interface, coding the whole thing and testing it in real websites. The feedback from users so far has been very positive. So I am looking forward to getting this update to you soon. If you need it “today” then just contact me by email or the Discord live chat and I’ll forward you a copy.

Sadly so. It is a reflection of the fact that addon revenue has fallen sharply this year. Some of these stacks have grown very complicated and require a lot of extra technical support time. So I’ve needed to realign the pricing of some addons, to ensure all parties are getting good value. I still offer the negotiable bundle discounts and I’ve donated lots of addons to charitable causes these past few months. Plus there are still a lot of free themes and stacks available from me - with more coming soon.



Good job as always, Will. Thank you for your invaluable work. Your stacks are worth every penny. :slight_smile:

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Is Cookie Jar 2 compatible with RapidWeaver 7?
Thanks in advance

Since it is a stack, yes. Stacks are not dependent (usually) on the version of RapidWeaver but on the version of the Stacks plugin. That being said, I do not think Cookie Jar 2 has any issues with Stacks 3 or Stacks 4 (meaning it should work with both. I do know for a fact it works great with Stacks 3, never tested it with Stacks 4 though, on a published page that is.

Very glad to hear that you are keeping Mini Cookie so up to date on other changes myself, and I’m sure many others, weren’t even aware of!

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Me I’m using MiniCookie as well. I played around with some of the other Stacks.
To my opinion MiniCookie is the most flexible. Can’t wait for the update.

@pmjd - I think the prices, even if they are increased, are worth every cent. Considering that the support is free, the stacks are rather inexpensive, no matter which developer is involved. I think that should be rewarded.

And from the point of view of the fact that we are thereby following the @#$%^&*! GDPR law, MiniCookie is cheap. We have warning associations whose purpose is to make money with the negligence of the website operators. Mostly run by lawyers. If they find one, it gets really expensive. :cowboy_hat_face:


Should I wait for version 2 before I buy?

Thanks Will.

Hi @rmshare ,

I don’t know about a Cookie Jar version 2 update. It looks like Cookie Jar is developed by @joeworkman and not by myself:

That page seems to suggest a version 2 Cookie Jar has been available since March 2018?

Regarding MiniCookie, the only benefits for waiting a few days for version 2 would be that I’ll have a tutorial video and sample RapidWeaver 8 project file available. And like I did with Sentry yesterday, there might be a small promo code to use if you want.

If anybody has something they want to see added to MiniCookie (which will make the stack more suitable for a specific task or make something quicker / easier to setup) please let me know. You can email me here.

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Very sorry, Will.

I clicked on the wrong tab.

I was referring to your MiniCookie!


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