Cookie Jar v2.0 (free update)

(Joe Workman) #1

I just shipped Cookie Jar v2.0. Its a complete rewrite of the stack. Its easier to use and more powerful. I hope that you enjoy the free update!

(Joe Workman) #2

Here is the video overview for this update…

(Michael M.) #3

Thanks for the update, but you should also update the demo file in your docs

(Joe Workman) #4

Thanks. I just pushed the fix up. It could take 15-20mins for the change to take affect.

(Bill Fleming) #5

Joe, were you able to finish the video in time to go pick up your kids from school? :smile:

(Tom) #6

Just got this stack last week. I noted a few features that would help me out, contacted Robb, and he said they’d see what they could do. Talk about amazing support … they re-wrote the whole stack!

Seriously, the update/re-write of the stack is great; much cleaner UI and performance. As usual, Joe has done a great job with the stack, and the support is immediate and, dare I say, supportive. Count me as a very happy customer based on the developer and support effort, to say nothing of a great and useful stack.

(system) #7

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