Copy/Paste Attributes

Is there a way to copy/pastes attributes of one stack to another stack? Say I have a bunch of image stacks with images applied. I decide to change the padding on all. Is there a fast way to do that?

Simple answer is No. Actually, that’s the only answer. :grin:

That’s too bad. It would be a powerful time saving tool. I see there’s an area here for feature requests. I’ll post there.

I understand what you’re saying. I am in this kind of situation very often.

My way of dealing with this is working on the first instance of stack until I tweak all the parameters to my satisfaction and then copy/paste the entire stack as many times as I need. But I’m sure this solution is too obvious?… :wink:

That is how I’ve worked, but it assumes you know or can figure out your layout exactly prior to placing images. That is rarely the case.

All I can say is wait for Stacks 3, or follow @isaiah on Twitter if you want to see if you can join the public beta that is going on. He mentions S3 often on Twitter and even here on the forums:

The future is coming soon!!

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copy and paste is so primitive.
the future is Partials.