There's still no way to copy multiple stacks at the same time to paste in another area/page?

There’s still no way to copy multiple stacks at the same time to paste in another area/page without placing them inside another 1 column stack or something?

I use this app:

it copies stacks, text, images, anything really. I can’t imagine my workflow without it anymore.

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If I want to copy more than one stack I usually drop them into a canvas like a 1column stack and then copy THIS. After copying simply pull the stacks out of the column stack and delete the latter. Works well.


Thanks. That’s what i’m doing at the moment. Was hoping that we could do this already in the latest version…

Like holding CMD and clicking on the ones you want to copy - that would be perfect.

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Exactly. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

I think that @isaiah mentioned something about this but darned if I can find it.

you can only select or copy one stack at a time – but they’re hierarchical – so you can you can put everything into a One-Column stack and Copy that in one shot.

Or better yet, just use a Partial.

Hi @isaiah, any chance that in future we might be able to drag a stack onto an existing partial to add it instead of having to cut/open partial/select a stack/paste? Or am I doing it wrong and there’s an easier way?


@Beemerang actually, it would be easy to do – much easier than how it works now. and i can see how, perhaps from a distance, it might seem like that could work – but i think there would be lots insurmountable UI/UX problems:


  • it would make interacting with unpinned content very difficult
  • it would make it difficult to tell where the boundary of a partial was – an important concept since they are likely part of many pages.

making a partial district from the pages its used on has many UI/UX advantages, not to mention the huge advantage performance and efficiency.

what i’m saying is i did it that way on purpose. i think it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

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Understood. Thanks for explaining it to me. :slight_smile: