Copy or drag Image from stack to new stack

Is there no way to copy/paste or drag/drop images from one stack into another on same page?

I’m rebuilding pages using responsive stacks and text is easy to copy and paste from old stack into new but I can find no way to move an image from a left floating stack to a new responsive stack.

I’ve used RW for years but never had the need to move an image from a stack to a new stack… :slight_smile:

Not found an easy way to do this Greg other than look in the files folder for the original stack and copy that to my desktop and drag it in again.

Round trip to the desktop. Preview RW page. Click, hold, and drag image to desktop. Use in a new stack from there.


I actually have all my images on my Mac so its pretty simple to find and drop them in again (or drag to desktop from live site) but I’m shocked that there is no way to “drag” images from stack to stack on the page.

Thanks very much for your replies. I appreciate it much.

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Maybe not shocking (for me), but certainly odd. It’s just one of those things that make you wonder…

Perhaps you could post a feature request?