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I am looking for a opportunity to start a copy shop website with Rapidweaver 8. Is there any stack/theme to upload files and automatically generate price per page and load the file to a FTP server.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t understand???

Just that a stack checks the pages of the uploaded file and that calculates the fixed price. Is that possible?

Probably not.

Why not use one of the calc stacks to allow a user to enter page numbers, finish options etc, and generate a price from that?

There are stacks that allow items to be uploaded & then you would need to do a shopping cart for the total & to pay.
Here is a sample:

Hi Lars, I presume you ask for a check for the number of pages in a PDF or multi-TIFF? This can be done with imagemagick, which has to be installed on your server. After uploading, you can execute this command : identify -quiet -format "%n\n " "/path/to/your-uploaded-file.pdf" | head -n1;

This will return the number of pages inside a PDF or multi-TIFF.

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Thanks @joemart1951 for the sample.

I think i need a combination of your “sample” and @MrMacvos to check the number of pages for the price.

Hope that you can help me with my problems.

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