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Several years ago I built a functioning web site for my photography business:
I am now almost retired so have no need for the site BUT I do have one client left for whom I do quite a bit of photographic work.
I have been sending them their pictures by uploading to my Google Drive account for which I pay.
I would like to tear down what remains of my old web site and simply create a home page for myself and links for my clients to a storage area in my web space where I could keep all the picture files (High res) .
I downloaded the latest RapidWeaver (8.7) … opened it and realised I have completely forgotten everything I ever new about Rapidweaver !!!

All I’m trying to achieve is the simplest, yet slick interface, for my client, so following a shoot they can access the appropriate folder from a list and download their images.
It would perhaps be good to have password protection for access and as a real bonus it would be nice to have a record of who downloads what and when (but that may not be easily achievable).

So guys & gals any suggestions would be most gratefully received but most especially ones that don’t require me to learn the program again !!
(A simple drag and drop solution - wouldn’t that be nice !)

Hi David,

A simple solution could be to create a new project, choose a free theme (or purchase one that you like), add a 3 of 4 columnstack, insert image stacks in the column for your thumbnails and add the True Download 2 Stack underneath each thumbnail.
Add your zipped High res pictures in your resources and link each True Download 2 Stack to the corresponding zipped picture. True Download has a counting option so you can see how many times a picture has been downloaded.
Password protect your site with the Locked Stack or similar. Give your client the login and password.
Once your site is uploaded, all the High Res pictures will be on your server.

This way you only have to purchase 2 Stacks (True Download 2 and Locked), given you already have Stacks4Stacks which is a must have.

Hope this works for you,


You could also use something like Google Drive. The free version has 15GB of storage. You can create a folder for your client and then invite them to share it. If they know how to navigate files and folders, then they should be fine. And yo don’t have to buy anything!

Hi Rob - I have indeed been using GoogleDrive and pay for a 100Gb of storage but am now approaching that limit.

Thank you Hans - that does indeed sound like the solution I need .
I have contacted Stacks4Stacks and asked them for details about the items you suggested.
I have the bare bones demo version of Rapidweaver at the moment and probably don’t even need to buy a licence as I only plan to create the one web site and that shouldn’t need more than 2 or 3 pages.
But I don’t have Stacks4Stacks yet - I presume that’s the plugin ?

The links for my client would be to folders containing groups of photo files (usually representing a day’s shoot) and can be very large.
I may choose a “key” image thumbnail to pictorially indicate the folder’s contents and put that with the links.
I presume almost any of the “free” themes would be suitable as a base to work from ?

So thanks again and anything else that may come to mind I’d be pleased to hear .

Correct, without Stacks4Stacks you wille be very limited. And yes, you can zip a folder and link that to True Download as well. It shouldn’t be too complicated. RW comes with free themes, but there are a lot of free themes to be found by 3rd party developers on the net as well.


Do you mean the Stacks plug-in from Yourhead? Or…?

You may check out

Lots of stuff to be found here.

@thang Thats the one yes, Stacks4 by Yourhead

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