Cos Culture Facebook plugin not working

This plugin is down on all my sites I’ve used it on - Anyone got any info on why or is it a new Facebook thing?

Don’t know the plugin, or what it does but I think it would be fair to assume Facebook have changed something, it is a bit of a moving target for devs trying to keep up with them.

If it’s a plug-in that stops traffic going to Facebook it usually gets stopped in some way eventually.

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Presume you’ve tried support?

Not yet, I wanted to see if any other users had noticed the same problem. I could understand if it was just one website but it’s 6 - all unconnected.

Have you checked the console to see if there is any error messages?

The demos on their website look to be working.

OK - panic over, I found the problem - It’s Firefox. I recently dumped all traces of Chrome and switched to Safari & Firefox.

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