Rapid Ideas Social Stack help

Does anyone use the Rapid Ideas Social Stack? I was testing it a few months ago for a potential client to embed their Facebook feed. I liked the look of it quite a bit, but it seems to be broken now. I’m wondering if Facebook changed something and it broke the stack? I’ve read a few other posts that seem to imply Rapid Ideas isn’t really offering support anymore.

I can also admit that I’m still learning and I’m out of my element when it comes to things like Access Tokens, and maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m trying out the Facebook Connect stack. It’s ok, I’d rather have Social Stack working. I think it has better layout options.

Thanks for any advice

Have a look at this thread. You might just need to re-apply your Facebook token.

I’m using social stream on a couple of sites and it seems to be working well

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Thank you! Yes, it seems a new access token was needed. I think that’s how I got it working before. Not sure why it stopped working but I’ll bookmark this so I can fix it if it breaks again.

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