Help Needed- Plugins not showing despite successful install

Hi, everyone. I need some help.
I purchased a few great looking plugins from Michael David Design and despite successful install (and uninstall, reinstall etc. several times) they are not showing up in the Stacks browser.
I’ve contacted the company and they’ve tried to help me but we’re both stuck for a fix. Michael himself suggested I put it out to the community and see what you’re collective wisdom can generate. All the other Stacks I’ve purchased over the years are all available and work fine. These are the only ones that are not working.

The plug ins are:
Triple Play, Click Slider and In Motion.
Rapid Weaver 6.3.7
Mac OS 10.11.3

Any suggestions?

The one thing that you didn’t mention there is the version of Stacks you’re using. If the Michael David Design stacks require Stacks 3, they will not show up in Stacks 2. If you already have Stacks 3, then the devil is in the details somewhere and there’s not quite enough info here to diagnose the situation.

Let me see if I can contact Michael David directly and help resolve this.


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thanks for pointing that out.
I am indeed using Stacks 3 (which is great, btw).

Thanks for your help in looking into it.


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They should all work fine in stacks 2 or 3 I think. Just on the terminology, they are stacks rather than plug-ins. Do you by any chance have RW5 open? Just wondering if they have installed to RW5 but not 6. Try dragging the stack icons to RW6 icon

Hi, manofdogs. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Thanks for the clarification.

The stacks installed into the RW6 folder on my HD along with all the other stacks. When I open RW6 though, they are simply not in any of the windows, don’t come up in search, nothing. They are in the right place, just somehow invisible to RW.

I’ve run this past Michael David ( the creator) and we went back and forth a bunch of times, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. eventually coming to the point where the only option left was to put it out to the community and cross our fingers. He has never had this issue with anyone else. Lucky me.





I did finally manage to get in touch with Micheal David and he sent me a copy of the stacks in question for testing. I tested Click Slider, In Motion, and Triple Play. They all installed without incident when I dropped them on RapidWeaver in the dock, and were immediately amiable inside of Stacks 3, and appeared in the RapidWeaver 6 (and 7) Addons Manager window. Here’s what I saw:

So, to answer why these haven’t appeared in your Stacks Library I think we need to answer: How does your RapidWeaver setup or what you do differ than my RapidWeaver setup and what I did in my experiment.

I can verify that my version of RapidWeaver is close (6.3.8) and my version of Mac OS X is also close 10.11.4. Neither of these minor differences should produce any noticeable changes in behavior in Stacks or RapidWeaver – so I think it’s safe to look elsewhere.

I think the most obvious place to look is: Are we certain these are making it to the real Stacks library folder. The simplest way to answer that is to open a new Stacks page within RapidWeaver and select “Show Stacks Library in Finder” from the Library Gear menu.

This will open up the folder that Stacks is currently using – no matter where it happens to be.

Inside that folder should be a Stacks folder – and inside of that should be the stacks you’ve installed. I think a good thing to do would be to open up those folders and take a screenshot and post it here. Often times folks familiar with how things should look can spot something just from visual inspection of the files.

Here’s what mine looks like after installing just those stacks. See if you can make yours look the same.

Let’s give that a go and work from there. :slight_smile:



@isaiah That is a pity the OP doesnt appear to have responded to your assistance.

Thanks @isaiah for helping me with PlusKit etc. If i may add to this post something that confused me as regards "Plugins not showing despite succesful install"
I installed the latest PlusKit several times and it wasnt showing up in the AddOns manager !!!
I was very pleased when i found out why !!!
I was looking for it under LogHound, when of course it was under YourHead all the time ! doh !!


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I’ll be optimistic and assume that means the problem was the resolved and the user is too busy getting work done to check back in. :slight_smile: