Costumize the color picker window

Hi all,

I can´t find any tutorial or description for costumizing the colorpicker window. I would like to increase the numbers of rows next to the colorpicker pipette. Just have two rows now.

Do you know, how I can do that?

And do you know if there is a documentation about it?

Thank you for your help!


… those two rows are like one long line in a row now. I had the window fillled with those empty color fields, so I could place each saved color setting field wherever I want. this is not possible anymore with the two rows now.

Thank you for any advice!


RapidWeaver uses the standard MacOS color picker. There are a number of ways to customize this.

Here’s an old but good starting point:


Actually all I want is to sort the custom color palettes in the color picker by name. Is there a trick to do so?

Thank you a lot for your kind and quick answer, teefers!

Couldn´t find the answer in the linked text – maybe my english is too bad – but I will keep on looking on how to costumize Apple´s color picker, good advice!

Thanks again, memo

If you add more colors than will fit the color picker should add another row.


You should be able to Resize the window. If you make it smaller a scroll bar should appear:



Thank you, teefers!

Yes, I tried this, but it has not the same result as the one I had before. In your example you are extenting the row. I got a different customization before. It happened after opening a tutorial with a RW example. I forgot which tutorial that was, unfortunatelly, … But if I find it again I will tell you.

All the best, memo

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