Couldn’t read blog entry

I’m attempting to split a site into a main and sub-domain by creating 2 duplicates and then trimming off the surplus pages in each copy. The sub-domain will contain the existing RW blog but part way through each attempt to edit the sub-domain copy I get dozens of ‘Couldn’t read blog entry’. The entire blog is broken and I have to start on the sub-domain again. Is there a fix?

Using RW 7.1.7, all plugins and stacks are up to date.

I don’t think you really men sub-domain do you? You are just splitting your projects. I have my site in five projects. One was once a blog (since converted to Stacks). It’s really pretty easy. I’m not sure what you mean by “sub-domain.” each site needs a forwarding page to the “missing” sections of that site.

May I ask why you are splitting your site? Size?

I do mean sub-domain, but that’s not the issue at all. The problem is the failure of the RW blog. It may be caused by storing project files in the Mac OS iCloud Drive. Moving the project file to a local folder seems to have solved the problem, for now anyway.