RW 7.1.12 (18332): Boken Blog (?)

Good Moring,

I can’t remember when it started. But since the last two updates I looks, like the “Blog” has some flaws. The Main page is fine, but after clicking on a category, tag or month the page gets broken.

Main Blog (everything is fine)

Subpage on Blog

Is someone else having this situation? I removed all files on Webserver and re-published all.



I can send you a copy of my project for further investigations, if needed. :slight_smile:

This helped (90%)

»I followed another users feedback to untick the consolidate CSS file option«

Now the structure is fine, but there is no header-picture anymore. So I switched back with “consolidate CSS”.

I guess there should be a better way… :wink:

Well, I will set up the site again. Perhaps too many “copy and paste” garbage.

Having similar issues. I did try the CSS consolidation trick but that made matters worse. Currently I have republished the blog pages using a backup of 7.0.1 to patch the site.