RapidWeaver Community website videos not working

(Keith Flanagan ) #1

The subscription videos on the RapidWeavercommunity.com site is not working correctly for subscribers. The videos are not playing.

I have sent 2 email tickets to have this corrected with no response.

Here is a screencast of what I am seeing.

(Louis Dery) #2

Same for me!
No video available.

(Dan) #3

Hey all,

We’re aware of this issue and are working on it —Videos will be back-up and online this week. Really sorry for the delay!

(ben) #4

Most of the videos are now back online! Sorry for the interruption.

We will be adding more videos over the coming days, including all of the new RapidWeaver 8 videos we have recorded.

We also have some new courses planned specifically for RapidWeaver 8 — these will be added once the updated site has been released (yes, we have an all-new RapidWeaver Community site in the works, which isn’t too far away) :slight_smile:

(system) #5

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