Create a bilingual/multilingual dictionary

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows how I would go about to create a language dictionary on my website. I am documenting an unknown language and my goal is to create a digital dictionary. Imagine what you would normally see on paper, but have it in a digital format. I don’t want to hire someone to do that as it can be really expensive and was wondering how I can do it myself. Would it be a hassle to deal with every single entry? I imagine I would need a page for every word and an ability to flip between languages: the aboriginal language and one of the other languages (Portuguese, English, French).

I would be so so grateful if you could direct me to the resources and perhaps share a template if you have any that I can use.

Thank you!!

@Bill Maybe something for Easy DB?

I honestly don’t even know where to start. But I want it to be searchable by word. What suggestions would you have?

What is DB?

Thanks @instacks

I’m discussing it w/ @olgakharyto now by email .