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Hi All,

Has anyone managed to find a way to export all the text from all pages in one, something similar to what you can do in powerpoint, to give the opportunity to translate everything into another language and then paste into the site as a secondary language, of course the pictures etc will have to be re-worked, but that is not my issue, it is more is it possible to copy the whole text in one, rather than have to go to each page separately and pull the text that way?

Basically, I would like to create my sire as it is from English to another language and it would be so easy to do that if I had a single source of all the text in one, i.e. like a text in draft option, which could be used for both spelling and of course a storyboard type overview. Going off subject now, but I just want to copy my site and then translate it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

As far as I know this is not possible.

What might be more productive is to find a text app that is Markdown compatible. Do all your text in that, plus translations, then copy/paste into RW.

There might be a few apps that would work for you. I’d probably try using Scrivener first. It’s great a chunking up text, easy to have two versions/langs side by side.

But it is not the only solution.

In the end if you are working with lots of text Markdown is your friend. RW will work beautifully with it.

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