Create Pop-ups?

I want to create a pop up message kind of like ‘Notify’ that will appear when the page loads. But I want to be able to ad images to the pop up. I want to have a description on the pop up of how to use the website, with text and images. I know there is the ‘Last Word’ and that is great…but I whant it to be triggered upon page load not when you move your mouse the the browser… any ideas?

Joe has a stack called InfoBar that could work for you.

The Gateway stack might be suitable. It would meet the criteria of:

  • Appearing when the page loads
  • Ability to include images
  • Ability to include text

It is a responsive stack (meaning its compatible and responds to different screen sizes). It also has the benefit of tracking cookie support; so once one of your website visitors dismisses the “how to use the website” popup, they will not keep seeing it for a period of time afterwards. There is a free demo version of Gateway to download, install and test in RapidWeaver.

Cheers mate, thats exactly it!