Http:// This site when you press on a word has a pop up graphic. It’s used to assit people with special needs. I’m trying to find a way to replicate this in Rapidweaver. I don’t want to create the pop ups and I think looking at the source code it uses some JS. Any pointers would be gratefully received.

This site has popup’s

I’m trying to replicate this

I don’t want to create popup’s


Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you try the solution that was suggested by several people when you asked this in WeaverSpace 18 hours ago.

Paul, Andrews solution is great if you were just doing a few words (from what I can gather) but it would take weeks to set that up as each individual word would have to be targeted. The site has graphics on the majority of words. It is using (I think) and from what i am trying to work out is wether this JS is responsible for the popups. The words on the site seem to me drawing on a database as some of the graphics are not a good match.

I posted here to see if someone with more ability than me understands what point.js is in simple terms as I have followed the link and don’t understand it at all. Not al the people here are on WeaverSpace?

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