Creating a Landing Page

Hi folks, hoping someone can help me out here.

I am creating a print ad for a magazine and would like them to go to a specific landing page, so I can ascertain what type of response I get to the ad and also to start building an email mailing list.

My questions is: - Do I need to add the suffix .php or .html to the URL that I use in the print ad?

Thanks for any pointers and or other landing page advice.



No, not as long as the file is named index (and there is only one, not both.php and .html)
send them to: yoursite/yourlandingpagefolder


That’s one of the benefits of tidy links - you don’t have to have a long URL or worry about the page type. :slight_smile:


Thanks David & Scott - appreciate the response - Just to be sure - All I need to do is create a page, name it mypage.index and hide it from the menu for it to serve as a landing page?

Is there any good advice on what should be included on a landing page so as to convert more customers?

Thanks again


If your advertisement were to have the URL, then your Rapidweaver file should have a Page where the settings would be
Browser Title: (whatever you like)
Folder: promotion
Page: index.html (or index.php)

So your actual URL is but if you have your Tidy Links setting turned on, it will display as just

As you say, uncheck the Show In Navigation box to make sure it isn’t part of your main menu.


Thanks @jabostick - Thanks for taking the time for the detailed explanation - It proved very helpful.

Really appreciated… Thank you!

Blue skies


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