I have really bolluxed up my site...it won't link to the pages

Rapid weaver 5.02

I think I just clicked copy for each page when I wanted to add a page to my site, so now aI have 5 pages all named “index” and of course only the “index” page opens. Re-naming the other pages does not allow the links to automatically display from the home page. In 'view" mode, clicking the tabs doesn’t take me to the next page nor does it work with the site uploaded. How can I get my my site to flow without re-designing?
Thank you for your help for this newbie.

For the most part, your pages should be named index.
What should be different is the folder names.
Example: home page - folder name (empty) , docroot directory
About us page : folder name /about
Contact us page: folder name /contact

Etc, etc.

Web servers look for index as the filename by default, you actually have to specify if you don’t name it index

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I am a newbie too so my suggestion may not be on the mark. Nonetheless, if you mean by “nor does it work with the site uploaded” that you have published the site to the web then I can’t help you but if you mean that you have simply exported your work to a local folder on your computer then the links will not work, in my limited experience, until the site is properly “published” to a host.

Great advice here but so far, no luck. Every tab on the site that i click on just reopens the home page.
“How to get here” gives me the home page, what to bring, again homepage. etc.
I checked the folders in inspector and they have their own name styled-2, styled-3, styled-4 etc which is what Rapidweaver defaulted to.
Any other advice?

Okay, do you have a url?
Hard to tell what’s going on without being able to see the site.

You should name the folders, don’t use the default names it is a good SEO opportunity.

If not yet published, post screen shot of site setup page where you set the url etc and of a couple pages that are broken, may give us a clue.

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I asked support at my hosting company…this was the reply:
The reason for the issue is that you have not linked the menu items to the corresponding pages. For example, we assume that the “THE BOAT” menu item should link to this page:
This is something that you should do in Rapidweaver. Once you are ready with the structure of your site, and you are sure that all items are linked to their corresponding pages, you can publish the site again and, hopefully, everything will work as expected.

Best regards,

Being new to rapid weaver, what surprises me is that I would think that the software would be doing that automatically. Now, how do I get it to happen in Rapidweaver?

It does do it automatically, you are causing it not to so to speak.

On the example above, name your folder: boat do not name the file it will default to index.htm or index.php depending on page type. if it does not just name it index.html. and it will work.

So, folder name = boat (in page inspector)
filename = index.htm or .php (in page inspector)
Page name (on left where you add pages) The Boat - this is what shows in navigation.
if you go back and re-name things like above example and republish all files it will work.

You now have a bunch of unwanted files and folders on your server, you may want to use your ftp client to just delete them all before you republish.

Do you have tidy website links turned on under settings-advanced?
ARe your file links set to relative to page under settings - advanced?


I am going to try these things tonight, but I really want to thank you for taking the time to respond. I would so much like to learn this and I am so busy with my regular job, trying to maintain 2 houses and the boat business it’s running me ragged. If you are ever on Long Island, I would be happy to take you and your family out for a trip.
With great appreciation

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I would love to say that it worked but alas…nothing has changed
Before re-uploading (re=publishing) I used the file manager at my site and deleted all of the old files so it would be a fresh start.
My version doesn’t have tidy website .
Is there a way to send a PM here or a screenshot?
Also, what am I supposed to put in “Browser title”/

Yeah, I know I am hopeless.

Yes you can upload a screen shot the icon with the up arrow after </>
To pm just tap on the persons photo or initial.
Browser title is just that, what you want to show up in the title of the browser also good for SEO purposes.

What version of RW are you using?

5.0.2 So I downloaded and paid for the latest version of 6. Now when I open my project in 6, the project did not migrate over. So for now I continue to work in 5.

So when you publish this page does it end up in /directions? and is index.hrml in that folder?
if so give me a url and let’s see where the menu thinks it is.

Oh, forget that last paragraph. It’s there I can see it. but menu is ‘#’ and target blank(open in new page- that’s weird)
What theme are you using?
Have you tried switching themes just to narrow down whats going on?

Unfortunately I don’t have RW 5 any longer or I would have you send me the project file. Like @caffeineinjection said, you can definitely get to RW6 but you have to follow the correct steps, I believe you have to go to 5.41 or one in-between first. There is a thread here that has the steps outlined.

I would most certainly look into that.

Here’s a shot of the control panel on the website. I am troubled by the www/www after the site name.

Okay, lets back up here before we get off on a tangent .

First: If you type; yoururl/yourpage into the browser, do you get the page? -

Next: Are there any files one level up /www not /www/www ? just want to make sure that the pages you see are coming from where you think they are.

Theme What theme are you using - have you tried switching to another just to see if thats the problem.

If you look at your code in the development window in Safari all the menus are set to # and target blank this is the actual problem the question is Why?

Here’s what it looks like:
href="#" rel=“external” class=“normal” target="_blank">HOW TO GET HERE

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OK…big news…I changed themes and everything seemed to work. The theme I was using is called Composition 5.1 demo. Now I assume that because it’s a “demo” it couldn’t work.
The question now is can I get something that I can use that’s similar and not a demo.
Does this sound correct?

Glad to hear the problem is identified.
If it were me, I would download Rw5.41 and do that update

Then I believe you can get to 6. Once at 6 you will be up to date and able to use any of the themes out there.

Otherwise you are just gonna have to look and see what you can find that is has the features you want and will run in 5.02 or what ever version you are on.

RW 7 is about to drop so I highly recommend you get to 6

I downloaded 6 and now I am having trouble moving my “resources” over so nothing is showing on the web page but I am working on that now.
Thank you for your continued help and support

Search here, you have to get to 5.41 or some version in between first then you can get to 6 no problem

These posts may be helpful for going from RW5 to RW6.

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You have all been so kind and helpful. I am excited to learn more about this software and contribute to ties for others when I get to your level of expertise.

I have everything up and running, well …almost everything. I put this code on my “directions” page to create a button that allows people to enter their address and get directions.
That being said, the directions it gives are for a destination far from what I put in. Also, the button text cannot be seen because it is white on a white background. Any suggestions for a fix of this?
Here’s the code I entered and a link to what it looks like. When I am done with that, I will put a “like us on Facebook” button on the site. I would guess that a search of this group will reveal the right way to do that.


Thanks again for all your help.