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I’m fairly new to Rapidweaver but getting the hang of it fast! I’m struggling to work out how to tidy up the url’s for the various page names so the do not show .html and .php so the hyperlinks are cleaner. Anyone help? I’m using RW8. Thanks, Steve

Advanced settings… tidy website links.


Thanks Lisa. I have the box ticked in advanced but the suffixes are still there. See attached, have I got out right? Thanks again. Steve

Ddi you republish all after checking the box?

You also have to name your pages index.html (or whatever extension you’ve chosen, e.g. index.php, index.htm etc.).

Folder names should be unique, like about, faq, etc, so about/index.html or faq/index.html. Then your links will be tidy like http://yoursitename/about and http://yoursitename/faq


Thanks for this David. Not sure when you say page names you mean Browser Title or filename? Also I’ve used the folders box just too group the pages under the main navigation headline pages. Could you look at the screenshot and advise? Thanks again. Steve

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Yep the box has been ticked for a long time. I think the issue is how I’m naming the pages/folders. Thanks. Steve

Sorry, you are correct - I should have said the Filename in the page inspector. So bigstoryindoors.html should be named index.html

Also, the Folder name should not have any spaces, So Big Story would have to be changed to Big-Story or BigStory, or similar. Probably best to not use capital letters either.

So you end up with something like http://yoursitename/big-story/index.html which will display as http://yoursitename/big-story


Think I’ve cracked it! Thanks David, really grateful. Steve


Glad you got it working!

You could also change your Browser Title to something more descriptive, like Big Story Indoors or even Latest Big Story Film. That will also help with search engines.

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I have compiled a blog post about this topic, check here:

Cheers, Jannis
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