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Hi, I bought RapidWeaver today after finally giving up on iWeb! Yes I know very old, not supported, but I’ve been ignoring my website for ages. I’m an artist and just want to produce website to show my work (not sell through the website)

I really wanted a blank page theme, but I haven’t got time to code etc. However, I now find I need a stack to position images in a gallery and be able to show the full canvas shape.

I’ve looked at Photo by Nick Gates and Image Gallery on Weaver space? 20 dollar difference but Photo does look as if it has more bells and whistles? Any views, advice or other suggestions?

(Joe Martin) #2

I use this one…
You can add several different galleries and update them on the server as you see fit.

(Jan Blemmings) #3

Thank you, I’ll have a look.

(Joe Martin) #4

Most of the time I just use the warehouse stack…keeps your RW project file small and updates showup without opening your RW file.

(Jan Blemmings) #5

I need to get reading up on warehouse stack? thanks for the tip!

(LJ) #6

You don’t need to code with a ‘blank’ theme. Several options out there: Foundation & Foundry the two most discussed - there are however others including Pure by 1LD, FreeStacks, and Yabdabs Bootsnap. The upside is flexibility. The downside is possibly more expensive if you are just building one site - however, you get a load of stacks included.

(Anugyan) #7

This is a site I created for my brother using Foundation with BWD stacks. And Pro gallery by Will Woodgate.
Maybe it will give you some ideas… OmeshArt
The images are warehoused on my server and I use the Repository stack for managing the server side images.
Its very good.

(Joe Martin) #8

Here is my version of that…with Foundation and Will’s stack…this is a test with a bunch of photos warehoused.

(Jan Blemmings) #9

Beautiful site anugyan!

(Jan Blemmings) #10

Thank you again. I now need to look up all these suggestions and plan a trip to the Lake District, it’s been too long! :))

(Anugyan) #11

Thank you. If you need more, let me know.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #12

If you want to have the Swiss Knife of Gallery Stacks: https://instacks.com/gallerystack/

(Jan Blemmings) #13

Sorry to answer all these individually, only just read tip on replies! Yes it is for one website so I shouldn’t go over top with cost. However, I do like a simple blank page approach. I’ll have a look at these , as the flip side is if I get the right software it will be easier and less frustrating to update. Thank you.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #14

And of course its Black Friday soon: https://instacks.com/blog/?post=blackfriday18

(Rob Beattie) #15

I’d steer clear of the Ultimate Gallery stack recommended earlier in the thread. The developer isn’t active any more and the stack - although very good in its day - hasn’t been updated for years.

(Brenda Clews) #16

Jaybee, I am an artist and have the same needs as you - a good looking gallery. I’ve tried most of the main photo stacks and, really, the inStacks Gallery Stack is the best - it does everything the others can do and more. Beautiful slideshows, but also the ability to post single photos in contained sizes that pop-up to full size. Jannis, the developer, was extremely helpful with any issues I had formatting images. My art page is here: https://brendaclews.com/painting Hope that helps, Brenda

(Jan Blemmings) #17

Thank you Brenda! I had already come to the conclusion inStacks Gallery was for me. After reading all the post here and some of the older conversations. I realised I would need to buy more than just Rapidweaver, if I wanted to work from a blank page without doing coding.
I am a few pounds poorer but I have got a suite of applications to work on my website. I have Rapidweaver, Stacks 3, Foundary and inStacks Gallery! Thank you everybody for your help, great community.

(Lance Harris) #18

Hi Jannis,

I have your Gallery stack and yes it is awesome on graphics but I’m not sure the Swiss Knife analogy is quite there :slight_smile:

What would make it even more awesome would be captions for the Gallery and the individual photos.

I know you have an option for the Thumbnail Caption but I get a caption like “Stacks image 10” which doesn’t really say what the image is.

How about a field in the Gallery that can be shown as a gallery title (or hidden) and another on the image (or hidden) please?

Then we will have a Swiss Knife :slight_smile:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #19


It’s all already documented.

See “Change Photo Captions”.

Thanks, Jannis

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