Photo Patchwork

(thomas kalak) #1

Hi Forum,
i want to create a Photography Site. I want on the peningpage a patchwork of little pictures side by side with no space inbetween. Also i would like to have the picture darkened when going with the mosuse over it. Also good would be a text showing when i rollover the picture.

Anybody knows if this is possible with Rapid Weaver?

(Rob Beattie) #2

There’s lots of ways to do this if you have the Stacks 3 plugin.

Have a look at Gallery 3.

Or Montage 2 from Doobox.

Or maybe ProGallery from Stacks4Stacks.

Alternatively, go to Rapidweaver Central and search for Gallery there.

(Lucas Tsolakian) #3

Take a look at Slider Eleven, it has many options for layouts that could fit your needs:

(thomas kalak) #4

Hallo, i am going crazy. I cannot get it managed to create a grid with for example 6 pictures in a line and maybe 20 lines. I want no space between the pics and the grid should go all the way to both ends of the page. Also a rollover with showing the name of the picture and zooms slightly into the pictures. Can anybody help me? Have RW7, Slider Eleven, Pro Gallery, Montage, etc. all running under Stacks 3 plugin?


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

Which theme are you using?

Depart from the zoom into the thumbnail, this is possible with Gallery Stack 3 and it’s different grid possibilities

(thomas kalak) #6

What do you mean with “depart from the zoom into the thumbnail”? I get really confused, all pictures are allways one below the other, no grid. Also, the Inspector Window looks always the same, it doesn´t matter what stacks i use. Anybody can help?

(Rob Beattie) #7

It sounds as though there’s a fundamental misunderstanding going on here. Are you able to publish anything so we can take a look?


(thomas kalak) #8

I guess you are right and i do something totally wrong :frowning: I have nothing uploaded yet. Looks like there´s no way to show a screenshot as there is no possibility here to attach something. I start RW7, In the first window i go on “Create a new RW project”. Then a qindow appears that says: “Ooh, a new project,how exciting” and a blue button to some video series. Now i press the “+Add” button on the upper left. I choose “stacks”.From the stacks window i now choose “Gallery 3” and move/drag it into the “edit-window”…the edit window says: “drop stacks here”. The “edit-window” shows now two windows in a blue frame- one says “select grid/ slider +” and the other "add images or integration stacks. I choose “Justified” and “Photobox”. Now, whereever i drag pictures inside, in the review they are allways one beneath the other, no grid.


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

Without published project, we are not able to help. But that sounds like an easy one.

If you have issues with Gallery Stack, open a request here:

(Rob Beattie) #10

OK. Try another step. Drag your images in - so they appear one beneath the other and then click the Preview button. What happens then?